Legendary Noodle Downtown

Northwest China, Ger-bi Desert spices and Tibetan Food. Our restaurant ambiance: Past a beaded curtain, our compact space is furnished with dark wood tables and benches imported from China. Red silk cushions accent the seats. Other ancient wooden tools and garlands of firecrackers decorate the walls. By the open kitchen where chefs stretch noodles, a set of wooden screens carved with bats and butterflies are backlit by turquoise lights that offers you a slice of China.

Established in 1997.

Noodles have a legendary history. People have been slurping noodles in China as far back as 4,000 years ago. In Chinese culture, noodles are renowned because their length represents long life. In this proud tradition, our Legendary Noodle makers brought this handmade noodles to Vancouver since 1997. As a teenager, the restaurant founder Brock Li, learned how to stretch, twirl and slice dough into slender strands.

Our Location

1074 Denman Street
Vancouver, British Columbia V6G 2M8