White Rock Indian Flavours

White Rock Indian Flavours, an Indian food restaurant in Greater Vancouver Area, serves the best authentic Indian food & wines. With over 20 years of experience from restaurant and hotels, Avind’s has perfected its menu to a wide range of distinct Indian flavours. We offer free Indian food delivery in New Westminster and nearby communities. Our authentic Indian food, convenient late night food delivery & dining has been enjoyed for 10 years. It has brought great recognition to White Rock Indian Flavours, among the best Indian restaurants in Canada.

White Rock Indian Flavours we serve authentic Indian food prepared using traditional methods of cooking. We are about staple Indian curries, tandoori breads and Indian rice preparations. We have a gorgeous dining room with vibrant colors, and decors that will bring back an Indian feeling from home and ensure a memorable Indian food dining experience.

Our Location

15240 Russell Avenue
White Rock, British Columbia V4B 2P6