We make all our pizzas from scratch!

We use quality meats and fresh vegetables that truly makes the difference.

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Bridge Pizza

Welcome to Bridge Pizza, the ultimate pizza paradise on the west side! 🍕🌟 Crafted with love and passion, our mouthwatering pizzas guarantee a burst of flavors in every bite. 🍅🧀 Discover Signature Pizzas like "Maui Waui" with tropical delights or "Wild Shroom" for fungi lovers. 🌴🍄

But it's not just about the pizzas here! Our legendary Chicken Wings offer options like "Whiskey BBQ" and "Sweet Cajun Rub." 🔥 Plus, don't miss "The Bridge Lasagna," a hearty blend of Rich Bolognese and gooey cheeses. 🧀🍝

Kids and adults alike will love our cool Combos like "The Starving Student" or the perfect "Date Night" combo for you and your special someone. 💑

Indulge in Bridge Pizza's delightful creations today. 🍕🤤 With 10" Gluten-Free Pizzas available, there's something for everyone! 🍽️💕
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