Babylon Café Restaurant & Bar

Babylon Café opened their first location on Robson St. (at the corner of Granville St. ) in 2004 and the word of mouth was the main advertising for this little place. Some people called it “Hole in the wall”. As the years go by this little place has been well known by having a line up, all day and all night. You can even smell the tender chicken from across the block. That little space left a great memory during the 7 years we were there from the 2010 Olympics all the way to the firework celebrations, the Stanley cup finals and much, much more. Now we are doing our best to serve you with our best quality food as we always do from fresh daily vegetable, home -made sauces daily prepared marinated meat and chicken and fresh home-made falafel.

Our Location

1156 Denman Street
Vancouver, British Columbia V6G 2M9