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YEG Pizza on Wheels

Yeg Pizza on Wheels started in 2019 as a family-owned food truck serving specialty pizzas with hotdog or cheese stuffed crusts topped with your favourite toppings and the home of the First Ube (Purple Yam) pizza.

Yeg is a couple’s dream of having their own restaurant after decades of working in the food industry. They developed their own pizza dough with a homemade taste using locally sourced ingredients.

"YEG Pizza on Wheels is making waves in Edmonton's food scene! This locally owned takeout and delivery restaurant and food truck offers a delicious variety of pizza with a special twist.

Unique pizzas; Donair, Burger, Spam Alert, Tuna, Canadian Classic, Mexican Ole, Indian Splendor, Spicy Chicken, Chicken BBQ, Hawaiian Express, Yeg Garden, and the first ever Ube (purple yam) Pizza.

YEG Pizza isn't content to stay put; their mobile food truck also roams the streets of Edmonton between April and October, bringing the deliciousness of pizza to wherever hungry customer
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