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Fonda Lola Mexican Bistro

Fonda Lola Is The Passion Project Of A Mexican Expat And IS NAMED AFTER HIS BELOVED GRANDMOTHER, LOLA.

Lola was spicy and saucy and she taught us to do what we love: To make people happy through food and drinks like only the “abuela” could.

Lola would be very proud of this funky little Fonda (the Spanish word for casual bistro).

The secret ingredient to Lola’s cooking? Each dish is crafted with care, from locally sourced ingredients, infused with her unique life experience and a passion for authentic Mexican flavours

Stepping into Fonda Lola feels like a trip to a beach front Mexican cantina.

We feature rustic decor, painted ceramics, and other treasures brought from Mexico to create a bright, cosy space alight with color and joy.

Welcome to Fonda Lola – where passion and tradition dance in harmony with texture and flavour to excite your senses –
(647) 706-9105

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