Restaurant Owner, Is Your Restaurant Recession Proof?

We help you increase
dine-in/takeout/delivery sales 
$6900/month within 8 months

and save $1500/month on
online/mobile ordering &
pickup/delivery fees.

Imagine being able to turn off the 3rd party delivery apps and not lose sales...

Our simple system builds protection fastest when you restaurant begins using it while it is still busy 

You Need to Start Now...

Jose Martinez

Ay Chihuahua Mexican Food, Surrey BC

45 days using DeliveryBizConnect converted 30% of expensive app deliveries to 3.3% Delivery and FREE Pick-up Orders saving me over $1500/month! – Jose Martinez, Ay Chihuahua

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Simple 3 Step System

For Pickup & Delivery Savings and Sales Growth

  • Step 1: Enable Online Ordering Menu for Takeout and Delivery

    Our average client saves $1000/month before we ever do a single delivery

  • Step 2: Convert Your Customers

    Our average client saves $1526.33/month by converting expensive delivery app customers to DBC's 3.33% delivery while hijacking the data to use to grow sales

  • Step 3: Utilize Automatically Collected Opt-In Data to Drive Sales 

    We increase our client’s restaurant sales an average of 23% or $6900/month in 6 to 8 months at restaurant with as little as $30,000/month in sales. Their data is being collected during the conversion and sales increase start to happen.

A Fairer Platform

  • Lower Cost Deliveries (3.33% saves you 80%!)
  • Split Tipping on Delivery Orders Results in Energized Staff
  • Restaurant Paid by Customer, then Restaurant Pays DeliveryBizConnect Automatically
  • CRM Automatically Collects Opt In Data Increasing Sales 23% Over Time
  • More Efficient Pick-Up Order Handling
  • Less Multi-Bag Delivery Order Mistakes
  • Customer Data Collected Automatically to Drive Personalized Marketing
  • A Single Delivery, POS, and CRM Platform.

How Else Does DeliveryBizConnect Help Restaurants?

Jose Martinez

Ay Chihuahua Mexican Food, Surrey BC

45 days using DeliveryBizConnect converted 30% of expensive app deliveries to 3.3% Delivery and FREE Pick-up Orders saving me over $1500/month! – Jose Martinez, Ay Chihuahua

DeliveryBizConnect provided me my own online ordering system for pickup orders within 48 hours, eliminating the 10% fee I was paying 3rd Party apps. They shared how to educate my customers the cost and pain the 3rd party delivery apps create for me, and how ordering from my website instead of the 3rd Party apps, whenever possible for pickup, supports me the best.

Many customers have said they had no idea they were hurting me, as the TV commercials made them feel they were helping. Now we enjoy massive pick-up sales as many are happy to order for pick-up vs. use the 3rd party delivery apps.

Now my customers download my branded version of the FREE DBC app, order direct from me for pickup orders that cost me NOTHING or deliveries costing me only about $1 each! They get the same experience they are used to with the 3rd Party Apps!

Thanks Craig and Dennis and the DBC team…you guys have saved my restaurant.

Nader Bakhoum

Ay Chihuahua Mexican Food, Surrey BC

I started delivering for 3rd party apps this year to help make extra money during Covid. I was introduced to DeliveryBizConnect when picking up an order from Ay Chihuahua. Jose, the owner gave me a flyer saying I could delivery for him direct through DBC and get paid more than the other apps.

I downloaded the DeliveryBizConnect Driver app. I make about 25% more than driving for the other 3rd party delivery services.

They also have a great referral program. I now get paid even more to refer another driver or a restaurant. It is just a better system.

I am no longer not just a driver, I am a food delivery service business.

Jatin Sharma

Curry Lounge, Surrey BC

I was looking for a solution to move away from the expensive 3rd party delivery apps. One of my delivery app drivers gave me DeliveryBizconnect’s brochure and shared the app could lower my delivery costs to a net of just 3.33%… so I immediately set up an appointment.

With the DBC system I convert my expensive delivery orders from 3rd party apps to my own pick up and delivery solution through my website and the FREE DBC app. I see more customers now picking up to help us out even more. My staff loves the fact that customers can now split the tip with the restaurant staff. It’s a win…win…win!


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