AI Restaurant Phone Ordering

and Inbound Call Handling Genius

Imagine this: Your restaurant’s phone rings non-stop. Customers are calling to ask about hours, menu items, and reservations, while your staff is busy serving guests. Calls go unanswered, go to voicemail, or worse, interrupt your front-of-house team, causing a loss of sales and a drop in customer satisfaction.

No more nuisance calls taking your top staff away from the front of the house just to hear calls like, "What time are you open till tonight?", or "Do you have vegan options?", or "Do you have a kids menu?"

An AI Calling Agent saves you $348.73/month more than it costs each month, like having a staff member 24/7 and only paying for the minutes they actually are on the phone!

Please fill out the survey below, and we will take you right to a page to call the live AI Agent and ask it questions or even place a phone order.